Anterior Cervical Decompression and Fusion

Decompression fusion is a surgical procedure to remove the pressure from the spinal cord and/or nerve roots by reconstructing the upper part of the spinal cord.

Cervical decompression is perfomed by making a small incision in front part of the neck. The fusion can be done by bone grafting where the grafting material is collected either from different body part of the same patient or from a donor. Spine surgeons prefer anterior procedure because it provides a better access to site of injury. This procedure is performed to reduce deformity and stabilization, minimizing neurological injury and early rehabilitation of the spine.

Anterior cervical decompression procedure may be combined with a spinal fusion procedure. This involves additional placement of bone grafts between the affected vertebrae to stimulate the growth of bone to fuse the two vertebral bodies. The placed graft material act as binding agent and helps to retain the normal height of disc. With time, the bone graft ultimately grows to join and stabilize the affected vertebrae.