Dr. David W. Wimberley

Houston Spine Surgeon

Houston Spine Surgery

  • “Dr. Wimberley is a Harvard educated, board certified, multi-fellowship trained trained Orthopedic surgeon focusing his entire practice on reconstructive spine surgery...”
  • “To schedule a consultation with Dr. Wimberley and for all other inquiries, please call 713-799-2300 or request an appointment online...”
  • “Surgery may be considered if all the conservative methods have failed to provide pain relief. Surgical procedures can restore and preserve neurologic function and spinal stability...”
  • “The irony that my last resort would be my salvation plays into my mind daily. My subtle symptoms of sciatica and lower back problems began in October 2012, but by January 2013...”
  • “In order to provide our patients with the best care, we will collect health and personal information from you, while maintaining confidentiality. The information will be used for medical treatment and administrative purposes...”
  • “This prescription refill service makes your health care as convenient and easy as possible...”